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Securely and discretely shipping and helping customers worldwide since 2009. We have a range of barbiturates for different purposes including pentobarbital and phenobarbital.

Multiple Uses

Sodium Pentobarbital (Nembutal) is the barbiturate of choice for euthanasia of both animals and humans. Some of our clients are pet owners who want to terminate an old or sick pet.

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We have a safe distribution channel with a network of trusted shipment services to assure fast, smooth and discreet transactions.


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The bulk of our clients are medical facilities and Institutional research centers who use our pure products for a range of scientific experiments. Other clients buy our products for assisted or voluntary euthanasia because of depression, illness or criminal execution. This is also the case for pet owners and veterinaries who use our products to terminate suffering animals.

Some of the products we sell are banned in most countries but we have a sure network with years of experience that guarantees it will meet you fast, safely and in absolute confidentiality. Nembutal (Sodium Pentobarbital) is a faster, painless and cost effective solution for Euthanasia as compared to traveling to other countries or using other painful means. No doubt it is called the peaceful pill.

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