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where to buy barbiturates

Is this the first time you hear this name? We think not. You cannot be here if you do not know what barbiturates are. However, we will still explain.

They are a synthetic group of drugs known as sleep hypnotics. After taking any barbiturate, you become sleepy, and anxiety reduces. They also lessen the intensity of illegal drug withdrawal symptoms. When you overdose of barbiturates, they become euthanasia drugs. Many countries have banned barbiturates, so it is always tough to find where to buy barbiturates.

Barbiturate forms

Mostly, barbiturates are pills. The pill can be oral or a capsule. However, swallowing these pills can be stressing so many unauthorized users crush them into powder form then inject them into their body.

Oral ingestion has its advantages though. Despite injections being faster, you have to ensure that you are not missing the vein. If you do, this can lead to infections since you will have injected the skin. In other cases, people inject the artery, which could lead to a failed suicide and force the doctor to amputate the affected part.

Barbiturates classes

The categories of barbiturates are determined by the time you take for them to last. They are either ultrashort, short intermediate or long. Most of the long-acting barbiturates like pentobarbital will last for about 8-16 hours. They act as anticonvulsants to treat epilepsy and peptic ulcers. The short, intermediate acting barbiturates produce sleeping pills while ultra-short barbiturates like thiopental are used with other elements to make sedative and intravenous anesthetics.

To achieve the effect of euthanasia, you have to use barbiturates with a stiff drink to make them more efficient.

Barbiturate types

We have several types of barbiturates such as pentobarbital or Mexican yellows, secobarbital or red birds, Phenobarbital, or purple hearts, amobarbital or bluebirds, and trial or rainbows. If you are purchasing barbiturates from the streets, you will hear them being called downers because of their calming effect.

Barbiturate dosage

It is advisable that you are taking less than 100mg of barbiturate if you have to take them daily. If you exceed that, your body will become resistant. If you take 600-800 mg daily, your body will become tolerant in a few weeks. Unless you want to kill yourself, avoid taking alcohol when under the prescription of barbiturates because the two form a lethal combination.

Where can you buy barbiturates online?

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In the past, you could easily stumble on barbiturates since pharmaceuticals were licensed to produce them. This scenario has changed since other drugs that serve their purpose with fewer side effects have come up.

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How do barbiturates look and how do you take them?

Mostly, barbiturates are sold in capsules with a powder inside. People swallow these pills while some people crush them and make a solution using that powder. There are those who do injections, but it can be dangerous especially if you miss the vein

What are the immediate effects of barbiturates?

If taken in small amounts, barbiturates can help deal with insomnia, tension, and anxiety, and they make the user look drunk. If you are taking barbiturates, ensure you are familiar with the amount you are supposed to go. The reason is higher numbers have the ability to cause death to the user.

What are the long-term effects of barbiturates?

We do not know if you are aware of this, but barbiturates are highly addictive, so there is a high probability of users overdosing. When mixed with other drugs like heroin and alcohol, they form a very harmful substance that can cause bronchitis and even death. When you use barbiturates for long periods, you risk having intense tiredness, depression, and fatigue. They can also lead to aggressive behaviors, impaired memory, insomnia, and lack of concentration.

Avoid barbiturates during pregnancy

When you take large doses of barbiturates while pregnant, you risk suffering from congenital malformations. Other risks include seizures and miscarriage. It is advisable to stop taking barbiturates immediately if you discover you are pregnant.

When do you know you are becoming dependent?

It is worth noting that barbiturate dependence increase as you continue taking the drugs. First, you will start developing withdrawal symptoms, which occur in the first few days. These will get to a peak in weeks. Dependency symptoms include increased heart rates when you do not take, relentlessness, insomnia, and tremor. Heavy users may suffer from seizures and delirium if they fail to take barbiturates.

What is the legal status of barbiturates?

Note that barbiturates are termed as prescription only drugs and the authorities control them. For this reason, it is illegal to possess them without a prescription. It is also illegal to buy and supply them to others. When used as injections, barbiturates graduate to class A drugs. All barbiturates carry long jail terms and hefty fines. In some countries, you can even be jailed for life if caught dealing barbiturates.

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